We offer cryptocurrency know-how and implementation strength. Information is provided by KryptoEducation KEG GmbH, which is one of the most topic-focused education portals in Germany. Individual support is provided by Krypto Management Consulting GmbH which, as well as issuing a BAFIN-approved certificate, also advises customers on special issues such as ICOs.


KryptoEducation KEG GmbH

We have put together a dynamic team of experts from our network. Our team is characterised by experience and ability. Through a combination of strategic consultancy and the relaying of professional know-how, each trader acquires an extensive knowledge of crypto-trading.

At this “Kryptoacademy”, they learn the basics and essential connections of investments in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and trading strategies, and how to use them correctly.

In different forms, the academy promotes a dialogue forum that incorporates a high level of reflection between its members and the expert team. Through a wide range of events, members quickly learn the key fundamentals. Subject-specific course content on the most important 20 crypto coins in the form of web seminars and videos will be made available to each member. The range of courses provides for a systematic and targeted transfer of knowledge from which all investors can profit extensively.


Krypto Management Consulting KMC GmbH

KMC is a management consulting firm with the goal to inform companies, family offices, and institutional investors regarding the opportunities and current development in the field of crypto currencies.

NEWS: KMC cooperates with a leading financial instituition to issue the first partizipation bond based on an actively managed basket of the best perfoming crypto currencies. More information regarding the bond are available on the bank's website soon.