One of Germany’s first publicly-listed Investment Groups for Blockchain technologies with both strategic and operational interests


We believe that a fundamental entrepreneurial approach coupled with Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies is needed to address major challenges of today and create a real impact for society.

Through our investments we not only aspire to grow the ecosystem but also endeavour to make this complex, sometimes difficult-to-access market accessible to you as an investor.


With background in business & finance, we combine technical know-how in the Blockchain space with access to the crypto community and a professional network of investors.

Our core competence lies in discovering and growing companies leveraging blockchain or distributed ledger technologies to drive valuable, tangible impact on society. Our team’s diverse backgrounds bring expertise in entrepreneurship, company-building, asset management and the crypto sphere allowing for sustainable development of Krypto AG and it’s portfolio investments.  In addition, through our founders and investors, we have access to a broad network globally  including  advisors for support across various topics.


We offer a wide range of services tailored to your individual needs through both the Group and it’s Portfolio.